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Whether you have a brand new vehicle, a used vehicle or a heavily weathered vehicle, we have all the detailing services you may need. Our consultations are free. Do drop us an inquiry and book your inspection slot!

Exterior Detailing

We offer our exterior details that comes with a complimentary wax application as part of the package. Should you require:

  • Paint Correction (Polishing)
  • Wheels – Off Detailing 
  • Watermark Removal on Glass
  • Exhaust Tip Polishing
  • Exterior Chrome Polishing & Waterspot Removal
subaru xv polish and wax using maxshine da polisher
honda jazz interior teardown detail remove all interior panels and cleaning

Interior Detailing

Smelly interior? Door panels and door jambs getting too dirty? Let us recommend you the best interior detail thats guaranteed to have you feeling a completely refreshed interior. We have

  • Interior Leather Seats Cleaning & Conditioning
  • Fabric Seat Stain Extraction
  • Interior Plastic Trims Cleaning & Conditioning
  •  Doorjamb & Boot Liner Brushing Works
  • Carpet Stain Extraction
  • Teardown Emergency Detail (Compulsory Consultation Needed Due to High Risk Nature of Detail)

Paint / PPF Ceramic Coatings

We have ceramic coatings made specifically for every exterior part of your vehicle. We even have PPF and Wrap specific ceramic coatings. In our harsh Malaysian weather, it is really crucial to have these parts protected to prevent premature clearcoat failure. We have exterior ceramic coatings for your:

  • Body Paint  
  • Rims  
  • Headlight & Tail Light 
  • Chrome Fittings
  • Plastic Trims
  • Windshield & Windows 
  •  Sunroofs
bmw m2 ppf ceramic coating igl
bmw e93 3 series interior detailing

interior ceramic coatings

Yes! Interior leathers and fabrics can have ceramic coatings. It does not cure and harden like paint coatings, however, so it will not change the feel of the material. It will allow it to have: 

  • Hydrophobic Properties (Spills Bead Up and Roll Off Instead of Absorbing in the Material)
  • Increased Depth in Colour
  • Maintained Matte/Gloss Look of Interior Trims & Panels
  • Very Easy Clean Up in Case of Contamination (Just a Simple Spray & Wipe)

  • Protection Against UV Rays to Prevent Discolouration

Wheels Off Detailing

Once of the best ways to finish off a detail is to fully clean the inner barrels and wheel arch of a car.  Our specialized Wheels-Off job includes:

  • Safe Rims Removal and Retorquing (Professional Mechanic)
  • Exterior & Inner Barrel Washing & Decontamination 
  • Rim Polishing
  • Ceramic Coating Application on Inner Rim Barrel
  • Polishing & Coating of Painted Brake Calipers
  • Tire Brushing & Shine Application
  • Wheel Arch Cleaning

Engine Bay Detailing

The engine bay is often the most overlooked part of the vehicle when it comes to detailing. Our engine bay detail will provide you with:

  • Shiny and Grease-Free Finish
  • Water Channels Unclogged to Prevent Electrical Parts Damage 
  • Easy to Spot New Oil/Fluid Leaks So It Can Be Diagnosed Right Away.
  •  Removal of Contamination That May Dry Out Sensitive Hoses Leading to Premature Cracking