Frequently Asked Questions

Here we list out what most of our customers ask us! Do take a read. Should there be a question that is not answered here, go ahead and drop us an inquiry and we will get back to you as soon as we can.

Detailing in General

Car detailing is a profession involving the use of more precise methods in restoring the aesthetics of a vehicle to an almost new-like condition. Detailing is a lot more labor intensive than your run of the mill car wash. We do not deal in large volumes because we focus on the quality of work we can produce for our customers. So, please do not be surprised if the act of just a normal Hybrid Wax Detail takes more than an hour to complete.

We are a detailing studio, not a car wash. We use much safer techniques to wash and clean the exterior and interior of your vehicles as compared to most run of the mill car washes. We deal with much lower volumes and take longer to do each car as we wish for a high quality clean for your vehicle. Our staff are highly trained professionals who will take great care of your vehicle as if its their own. That’s how we handle all our customer cars. 

Sure thing. All you have to keep in mind is that the car’s paint has gone through a significant amount of wear through the years. We will do the best we can to restore it to like new if the paint condition allows it. Do bring it over for our free consultation and we will direct you to the best methods possible to rejuvenate your paint.

Aside from the aethetically pleasing result of an engine bay detail, an engine bay may not be seen all the time but it should be kept clean. Old oil stains and such are removed during the detail so if new oil spots are found, it could indicate a mechanical issue with the car. Makes work much easier for your mechanic when it comes to spotting where the leaks are from.

For vehicles that rarely have any protection , be it wax or ceramic coatings, and have not been cleaned in a long time, contaminants tend to embed themselves in the clearcoat of the paint and can only be removed using either a clay bar or by machine polishing. With wax or ceramic coating protection, contaminants have a tendency to adhere less to body paint and are easily removable by normal washes.

Ceramic coating & waxes

Ceramic coatings are usually best suited for vehicle owners that regularly clean their vehicles. If owners are not willing care for the paint of the vehicle in the first place, its unlikely they are able to maintain a ceramic coating for as long as its claimed durability.

In the detailing world, the ‘H’ of a ceramic coating is referring to its pencil hardness property. In the scale for pencil hardness, it ends at 10H. There is no material that has 12H, 15H and such. Do ensure you’re handing your vehicle off to a professional. 

Our warranty covers coating installation failures such as

  • Abnormal yellowing
  • Whitish hazes and peel-offs.

Improper care WILL NOT be claimable, such as

  • bringing the car through a damaging automatic car wash. Any under-performing panels will be retouched for free. However if full recoats are required due to damage by improper care, an additional charge will be imposed. 

From a marketing point of view, yes, a 10H coating would fair much better than a 9H coating. But only top end products have a rating of 10H for their ceramic coatings. The extra bump in hardness may be beneficial for slickness and gloss but it is not in any way an invincible shield for your car paint. The coating will still be subject to the elements and would need proper care and maintenance.

Ceramic coatings are extremely sensitive to abrasion so a normal polishing would remove it immediately. We at Razor Detailing do employ a special technique to polish ceramic coatings with very non-abrasive methods to just lift the dirt without cutting the ceramic coating. It is under our Ceramic Coating Maintenance service.

Without going in too much about the fact that it is physically impossible for ceramic coatings to last more than 7 years (Our experience points to the fact that the best available product in the market is rated to last 7 years WITH proper care and maintenance), we do not wish to miseducated our customers and having them believe that ceramic coatings can last a lifetime. It simply is not possible. 

No matter what a product is named, be it SiO2 coating, Diamond coating, they are all at the core basically ceramic coatings. Newer technologies have come up with graphene coatings and we do have it in our top end product. But best believe that all coatings in the market, are pretty much ceramic coatings. (Also, we do not think setting your car on fire serves as proof of a ‘good quality’ coating.)

Paint correction & Polishing

Unfortunately, there is no such term as ‘layers’ in polishing. When we polish a vehicle, we are introducing abrasives to your body paint by machine polishing. We are not adding ‘layers’ to it nor are we polishing it by ‘layers’. We go by polishing ‘steps’. A normal polish job would be a maximum 2-step polish. Additional steps are taken if the paint is too heavily damage and is in need of ‘sanding’.

There is only a finite amount of clear coat in our paint. Heavily polishing the car will remove a certain amount of paint off. It is highly recommended that we polish car paint as little as possible. Each time cars are subjected to bad washing techniques and chemicals, it is one step closer to needing another polish to rejuvenate its original shine. Not only does this kill more paint in the long run, it’ll cost more each time to polish.

Depending on the severity of the defects on the paint, polishing it would definitely make a big difference when viewed under proper lighting. And that’s a good thing. Improved clarity and gloss is what we want. This is one of the reasons why we do not usually do spot polishes especially with heavily weathered vehicles.

There are many different ways to define the two. For us at Razor Detailing, we define it this way. Polishing involves refining the paint condition using a quick 1-step Correct & Finish.

This usually removes very light defects such as

  • hazing
  • marring
  • swirls

Should the paint be heavily damaged, such as heavy swirls and deep scratches, it would require heavy compounding which is what we refer to as our Paint Correction steps. Normally we would compound the paint to remove damaged clearcoat but this would leave polishing hazing and a very blur finish. We would then finish off with our finishing step. Paint Correction is heavily time consuming and removes a lot of clearcoat so it is imperative that the paint finish be well cared for . We highly recommend a long term durability ceramic coating compared to waxes as waxes tend to not last as long and you have to keep reapplying every few months. 

We have a rep of turning customers away from repainting their cars by employing our paint correction steps to refresh the paint to looking almost brand new and topping off with a nice ceramic coating protection. A repaint job could cost anywhere between RM4000 to RM15000 depending on the model of vehicle, the brand of paint system used as well as the quality of workmanship involved. A paint correction and coating starts from a fraction of that cost. Would it not be better to go for a Paint Correction and preserve the original paint of the car, and at the same time save some money?

We have come across a few customer vehicles that were mishandled by other vendors. Ceramic coatings were wrongly applied and polishing was done badly. Once these coatings have hardened, its not easy to polish off. We would go for a technique that’s called ‘wet-sanding’. It is a highly risky method at trying to remove defects but we would do it as careful as we can with the help of our fellow detailing professionals from other studios coming together as a team to work on it. We, however, cannot be held responsible should the paint become damaged in this process. Contact us to set up your consultation inspection as soon as you can.