Interior detailing is all about the cleanliness and beauty of the inside of your car, where you spend most of your time when utilizing your vehicle.

For light-coloured panels, contaminations such as dirt, grime etc are very easy to see. If left too long it may just become permanent. Aside from the obvious aesthetic problem, it also poses a health hazard when an interior is not detailed and sanitised often especially for a daily driven car.

We offer a wide range of interior cleaning services ranging from a basic detail for lightly soiled vehicles to a teardown detail for heavily soiled or even flood damage vehicles. 

Basic Interior Detail

Service Duration: 1 to 1.5 hours

Recommended: Every month.

Seat Wipedown & Sanitising
Panel Wipedown
Doorjamb Brushwork
Boot Channel Brushwork
Dashboard Wipedown
Leather Conditioning
Dashboard Shine (ONLY at Customer Request) 
Thorough Vacuuming of Interior & Carpets
Anti-Bacterial Nano Misting

Deep Interior Cleaning

Service Duration : 4 to 5 hours

Recommended: Every 3 to 6 months

Seat Brushwork & Conditioning
Steering Wheel Brushwork & Conditioning
Panel Brushwork & Conditioning
Doorjamb Brushwork
Boot Channel Brushwork
Dashboard Brushwork
Center Console Brushwork
Base Carpet Quick Scrubbing
Carpet Stain Removal (Extraction)
Dashboard Shine (ONLY at Customer Request)
Thorough Vacuuming
Air-Conditioning Vent Steaming
Anti Bacterial Nano-Misting

Teardown Detail

Service Duration: 1 to 2 days

Recommended: Only When Necessary

Seats Removal & Cleaning
Seats Washing & Extraction (Fabric Seats Only)
Base Carpet Removal, Wash & Extraction
Floor Carpets Wash & Extraction
Headliner Scrubbing & Steam Cleaning 
Air-Conditioning Vent Steaming
All Panels & Consoles Brushwork

Removing seats, base carpets should not be done too often and should only be done when absolutely necessary. There is a high risk involved as modern-day vehicles come equipped with many sensors and wiring that may get damaged during removal. We hire external professionals to come in to do the removal and monitor the cleaning process.

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