Polishing / Paint Correction

polish before and after honda city coating

The Stage 1 Standard Polish

This is the polish that comes complimentary with all our Paint Enhancement, Ceramic Coating jobs. Its main function would be to eliminate heavy contamination on the surface and restore some depth and clarity to your car paint. This removes moderate paint defects at a <50% defect removal rate such as:
– Swirl Marks 
– Marring
– Light Scratches
– Paint Transfers (from other vehicles)

If you are expecting much more perfect paint than the ‘AFTER’ example potrayed in the photo, please refer to our Stage 2 Paint Correction below. 


The Stage 2 Advance Paint Correction

For our Stage 2 works, we would need to have a paint inspection session prior to any quotation/estimates being issued. This inspection would include a

– General Defect Examination. This is where we would check under our detailing lights the severity of the defects on the paint. Defects that are far too deep or paint that is too damaged will be noted and acknowledged by the vehicle owner that it cannot be rectified. 

Paint Thickness Measurement on the overall body paint of the vehicle. This is to ensure that we have enough clear coat to remove for a more perfect finish and to find out if any panels were repainted. We would unfortunately have to reject a Stage 2 job if we deem the paint to be too thin and has a high risk of a burn-through. 

NOTE: In order to proceed with the examination, we would need to wash the vehicle first as a dirty car would mask a lot of the defects and would not make for an accurate reading on our paint thickness gauge. This wash is chargeable and the cost will be deducted from the final quotation should you wish to proceed.