PPF / Ceramic Coating Care

PPF & Ceramic Coating Maintenance Regime

Our maintenance regime for your PPF OR Ceramic Coating OR PPF Ceramic Coating (Yes, there are PPF Coatings available) is rather special. We employ a very precise way of polishing off just the dirt/contamination without harming your PPF or coatings. Do note, however, that waxes sold/disguised as ‘coatings’ may get removed completely in this process .  Heavily weathered, poorly maintained coatings that are reaching the end of their durability span would perform poorly after this regime. 

Recommended: Every 3 to 6 months  

Pre-Foam Wash Stage & Detailing Brushwork
Individual Wheel Cleaning
Iron & Tar Removal
Ceramic Coating / PPF Compatible Extremely Light Polish Step
Ceramic Coating Topper (Topcoat)
FREE Basic Interior Detail

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