Paint Enhancement Program

Also known to many as our “Premium Polish & Wax”, this is a must do for vehicle owners who have never sent their cars in for a detail before. We will employ a machine polishing routine that will remove approximately 70% to 80% of paint defects. This is including swirls, marring, polishing hazes and such. At the end of which, we will apply our famous Graphene Wax.

From then onwards, all you need to do is wash the vehicle and top up the wax every 2 months or so depending on how much abuse the car goes through. No more polishing necessary. Just keep that wax fresh! ( Ask us about our Graphene Wax Treatment! )

Detailed Wash
Individual Wheel Cleaning
Claybar Treatment
Iron & Tar Removal
Paint Enhancement Step (Polish)
Graphene Wax Application
Interior Wipedown & Vacuum
Anti-Bacterial Nano Misting

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Wheels Off Detailing & Coating

A wheels off is one of the best finishing touches that can be given to a vehicle detail. For vehicles with sports/aftermarket rims that have thin spokes, the inner barrel is quite visible and baked on brake dust, tar, fallout would hinder its aesthetics greatly. No matter how much we try cleaning it from the outside, we can’t get all that dirt out. 

Our focus when doing a wheels off would be to enhance the look of your rims’ face, inner barrels, your wheel arches and not forgetting your brake calipers. Highly recommended to those with painted calipers as we will be able to properly polish and bring out a great shine on them as well as finish it with a ceramic coating to seal that shine. 

Do note that we bring in hired professionals to perform the removal of the wheels and when putting them back on, we torque them down according to specifications, not just ram it up using an airgun. 

Face & Inner Barrel Foam Wash & Scrubbing
Iron & Tar Removal
Heavy Stain Removal
IPA Wipe – Coating Prep
Ceramic Coating Application
Brake Caliper Polish & Coating (Where Applicable)

We welcome any and all queries you may have. Click the link below to get in touch with us via Whatsapp!