Engine Bay

Razor Signature Engine Bay Detail

One of the most neglected parts of a car when it comes to detailing is its engine bay. Yes, we know, why should we detail an engine that can’t be seen unless the hood is propped up? Just because your car may not have a see through view of its engine like most supercars, it doesn’t mean it shouldn’t get a good shiny finish. 

Many car owners are unaware of this fact but having a dirty engine bay littered with leaves and such invites a mechanical disaster in future. There are channels in the engine bay that allow water to flow through and exit to the bottom of the car. These channels need to be cleaned regularly to ensure leaves, trash do not clog it up or else water may overflow and head towards, you guessed it, your engine bay’s sensitive eletrical components. 

Having the habit of keeping a clean engine bay regularly may also allow you to spot an issue with your vehicle in its earliest stages, such as new oil spots, grease, leaks etc. Immediate action can be taken to check these new leaks. In a soiled and dirtied up engine bay, it simply would not be possible to see this. 

Light Pre-Foaming and Detailing Brushwork
Engine Heatshield Scrubbing 
Engine Degreasing Treatment
Engine Bay Dressing & Protectant

Recommended: Every 3 to 6 months


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